Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy early Christmahanakwanza!

You can figure out which holidays I used. Yes, I'm late again. Just expect Wednesday and Saturday, but be ready for me posting late....alot.

Friday I tried a few strategies for the hugging thing, but I completely blew it after school as I was chased to the subway. I really need to just tell someone. The majority of the day was fine, however. I had a science quiz and that went well. It was my teacher's birthday, too.

Saturday was uneventful, besides me making progress in random video games, and getting a combination lock for gym class so I won't nearly fail again. Today I treked through a slushy NYC to get to my actnig class, where I discovered my director hurt her back and will be getting surgery tomorrow. Ouch.

The acting went fine. I'm about halfway through the gangster song, three quarters of a different one(actually I'm not even in half the number!). The people there are awesome to be around. Why can't I replace the annoying people with them?

Tomorrow I'm finally shedding light on the hugging situation. Wish me luck.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Huggy huggy....

I would've blogged about this yesterday but I felt really depressed about what I'm gonig to talk about. It mainly happened yesterday and today. I'll take it from the top.

It began in science class yesterday. We were taking care of all the class animals. I was holding the hamster when it bit me. Ordinarily, it's no problem, I just have to wash the wound. Of course, the a-holes in my class decide to turn it into a mini-Comedy Central and say I was gonig to turn into a hamster at midnight. I asked him politely to stop. Of course he doesn't, and then half the class chimes in, eventually resulting in me screaming my head off again and nearly punching somebody in the face between periods. I was going to play along with the joke today saying that I became a superhero hamster, but then they didn't mention it, instead selecting the most annoying thing I've ever dealt with.....

I believe it was lunch when it next came up. A few guys started saying "Huggy huggy!" and tried to hug me. Now, they've been donig this for a while, so I was screaming at them to get away from me and running just so I could get to lunch without being raped. What's with them anyway....Do they think I'm gay? (I'm not.)

Anyway, later, I was pulled out of music class like I always am on Wednesday to go to my counseling session. We talked about things that stressed us out in school. The conversation swayed towards the things that annoyed me, what the jerks in my class were doing to me, and how I was pissed at how music class was working out. Well there I just fell apart. Figuratively, but I think you know what I wound up doing. I later mentioned everything that happened yesterday to my mom, and again I collapsed. She told me to focus on the good of the day, like the fact that I didn't punch somebody. Anyway, that's also where I hatched my plan to go along with the hamster thing, but today all they did was huggy huggy....

It's getting out of hand. The day was gonig fine at first. In science I got the perfect oppurtunity to pull of the classic South Park "OMG they killed Kenny" line. There was a humanities quiz 4th period which I think I aced. The big issue was right after 8th period.

I was getting ready to leave when three people started trying to hug me again. They were especially persistent, chasing me downstairs, and even when I was calling my mom to tell her I was coming home(I had to yell at them to get them to stop, somehow they realized they shouldn't be doing that). The worst part was that I was slugging them on the way down....And they kept it up outside of school too. I had to run to the subway to avoid getting sexually abused. I mean it. And the worst part it, when I'm punching people and a teacher shows up, I can kiss that school goodbye, even when it's self-defense and anger.

I've come up with strategies to stop this madness, like telling my counseler about it, or just acting bored or pretending they're hurting me when they try to hug me. I just know if I'n to survive 7th grade, or even until winter break, this has to stop.